Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Explores Elsinore

europe small 300x300 Island Trader Vacations Travel Services Department Explores ElsinoreRecently named one of 2014’s top destinations for travel, the city of Elsinore is actually known as Helsingor in Denmark.  Made famous by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Elsinore is much more than just the setting for a play. From its castles to its museums to its ancient history and architecture, this is a place of romance, culture and much more.

Situated on a narrow piece of land or strait, the roots of Elsinore date back thousands of years. Once only a marketplace, the region has now burgeoned into a cultural center thanks in part to Hamlet. Home to just under 50,000 residents, it is the closest city to Sweden, it remains a busy port town today and full of historic sites and architectural wonders. From its beautiful surrounding countryside to its art and museums, Elsinore is the heart of the European Riviera.

Two of its most popular sites of interest include Kronborg Castle and the Danish Maritime Museum.

Kronborg Castle – One of Europeans most significant and historically rich castles, Kronborg or Hamlets Castle is a World Heritage Site and was named in 1577. Built to control the shipping in the Sound and to collect Sound Dues, this stronghold was home to Fredrik II in the 1500’s. In the 1600’s the castle burned almost completely to the ground and all that remained was the chapel. Later rebuilt, it was further renovated and restored in the early 1900’s.

Danish Maritime Museum – Located on the old dry dock between Kronborg Castle and the Culture Yard, this underground museum was designed by an internationally renowned architecture company known as BIG.  Here visitors can learn the story of Denmark’s shipping history now and in the past. Enjoy a variety of exhibitions and films as well as interactive installations and games as well.

Other attractions and activities include Hamlet castle tours, the theatre festival, the beautiful beaches and many other museums and cultural sites as well.

Island Trader Vacations travel services department welcomes you to explore travel with us. From the U.S. to Denmark and other countries around the world, explore and be inspired when you travel.

Island Trader Vacations Reviews What You Can and Can’t Bring On The Plane

airport small 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews What You Can and Can’t Bring On The Plane9-11 put safety and security onboard airplanes in the United States into the spotlight. Before 9-11, travelers simply assumed that they were safe and so did those in charge. Items which are know considered off limits to travelers onboard planes were nothing, but a fateful day changed it all and TSA was born.

TSA or the Transportation Security Administration was tasked with strengthening the security of the U.S. transportation systems including not just air travel but rail travel and other forms or transportation as well. For many travelers what is and is not allowed on the plane can be overwhelming. The long and short of it is, if it could be used as a weapon, it more than likely not allowed, however, it is important to avoid issues later on that you be aware of the specifics. If you ever have any questions about what is and is not allowed, make a call and find out, better safe than sorry.

Note: TSA has developed an app called “Can I Bring?” Simply input the item in question and you will get the information you are looking for to help you be more informed. You may also find the app online as well on

A brief rundown of the rules are as follows:

Sharp Objects – In general not as a carry-on, but many sharp objects may be checked. Do not bring in your carry-on items such as:

  • Box cutters – prohibited in carry-on
  • Ice Picks– prohibited in carry-on
  • Knives except plastic round bladed butter knives– prohibited in carry-on
  • Scissors not over 4 inches in length– prohibited in carry-on

Sports Equipment – Items used for sports can often be considered weapons as well and for this reason are not allowed as carry-ons. Examples of items not allowed as carry-ons include:

  • Baseball Bats – prohibited in carry-on
  • Pool Cues – prohibited in carry-on
  • Golf Clubs – prohibited in carry-on
  • Ski Poles – prohibited in carry-on

Guns  – Not allowed in your carry-on, guns can be checked however, check with your airline in regard to ammunition before you travel and understand how to check your weapon before you go as well. Other firearms not allowed as carry-ons include:

  • Flare Guns – prohibited in carry-on
  • BB guns – prohibited in carry-on
  • Gun Powder including black powder and percussion caps – Not even allowed to be checked
  • Flares – Not even allowed to be checked

Tools and More – Other items not allowed to be carried-on include:

  • Crowbars- prohibited in carry-on
  • Drills and drill bits – prohibited in carry-on
  • Hammers – prohibited in carry-on
  • Tools (greater than seven inches in length)
  • Brass  Knuckles – prohibited in carry-on
  • Self Defense Spray – prohibited in carry-on
  • Martial Arts Weapons – prohibited in carry-on
  • Stun Guns/Shocking Devices – prohibited in carry-on
  • Fireworks – Not even in checked luggage – prohibited in carry-on
  • No explosives of any kind are allowed on a plane period
  • Lighter Fluid – Not allowed on plane
  • Torch lighters – Not allowed in your carry-on however one common lighter is allowed
  • Gel-type candles – prohibited in carry-on
  • Snow Globes over 3.4 oz are not allowed in your carry-on

Enjoy travel by being more informed and let Island Trader Vacations reviews help you.



Island Trader Vacations Reviews Adventures in Patagonia

Blanca Lake Washington State small 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews Adventures in PatagoniaPerhaps better known as a clothing line to many in the younger generation, Patagonia also happens to be a fast growing eco destination for travel. An area roughly the size of Great Britain, Patagonia is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Home to very few people, only one per every 50 miles, over half of the area is protected wilderness. Diverse and ecologically rich Patagonia is a made up of mostly steppe like plains well as lakes, mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers. Situated on the Argentina/Chile border, it has a long history of human habitation and diverse indigenous wildlife. Come with us as we explore this diverse and beautiful destination for travel.

Adventure Tourism

Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world choose to visit Patagonia each year for its pristine wilderness and its beauty. Top things to see and do in Patagonia usually include a visit to its many nationally protected areas. Top areas in Patagonia include:

Torres del Paine National Park – Most well known for its mountains, this massive park/biosphere reserve is the stuff that dreams are made of. Hiking trails, forests, waterfalls, icefields, lakes, snow capped mountains and diverse wildlife are found throughout. Within the park, hiking trails, kayaking on Lake Gray and photographing the wildlife (who have no fear of humans), are just a few of the ways to enjoy this lovely park.

Perito Moreno glacier, Valdés Peninsula and Tierra del Fuego represent a few of the other popular regions for outdoor travel in Patagonia as well.

Historic and Cultural Tourism

Much more than just nature makes this destination unique. Evidence of human habitation in Patagonia dates back over 10,000.  Believed to have been continual settled for the last almost 12,000 years, no Europeans even made an attempt to conquer this forbidding region until the 1500’s. Interestingly, these first Europeans were led to believe that Patagonian people were giants due to their much larger size than the average European.

Visiting the villages and cities in the region will help you get a feel for this diverse people. Attractions dedicated to the history of the past are found throughout and represent some of its most popular attractions including the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio and the Glaciarium are two of the most popular.

Whether for the glaciers and the penguins or the historic sites and cultural roots, find out what you have been missing in this exotic and exciting destination for travel.

Island Trader Vacations reviews top destinations for travel and news to help you travel.  Travel smart and be more informed when you travel with your friends at Island Trader Vacations.

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Cities for Art Lovers

spain small 300x199 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Cities for Art LoversIf what inspires you are the Masters, Degas, Cezanne, Monet or Dali or if the study of shapes, nudes and architecture awe inspires you and sends you reeling, take a look at three cities which may be just what you seek. Enjoy a closer look at three cities for art lovers and be inspired by Island trader Vacations Reviews.

Berlin – A leading European capital of culture and architecture, Berlin has become a leader in art and history and is home to art throughout the ages and from around the world. From the National Gallery to the Pergamonmuseumm, it is easy to see what makes this a must see city for any art lover.  Festivals and events throughout the year including Berlinale, the international film festival which began yesterday also cater to inspiration. Be inspired by art, music, film, history and the city itself.

Barcelona – A growing art scene, Barcelona continues to add art and inspired millions with some of the most creative and artistic sites imaginable. While the city does offer plenty of art museums to see including the Picasso Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum, just to name a few, architecture and vendors also have much to offer inspiration. From Parc Guell to historic Basilica’s and galleries, be inspired in Barcelona, a one of a kind destination for the art lover.

Paris – Known as much more than just a historic city, Paris is also known as the most visited city in the world, one of the most influential, one of the largest, one of the most romantic in addition to being one of the best for the art lover as well. Architectural wonders aside, the Louvre happens to be one of the most well known, largest and top museums in the world. Dedicated to the Masters and much more, artists including Monet, Rodin and Picasso can all be found here.  Statues, galleries, events, shows and even neighborhoods inspire and awe millions of art lovers each year.

Runners up include Rome, Vienna, Florence, Chicago, London New York and Washington DC, just to name a few. Be inspired when you travel.

Travel smart, be informed and enjoy travel more with Island Trader Vacations Reviews.


Island Trader Vacations Reviews Sognefjord

world 300x199 Island Trader Vacations Reviews SognefjordSognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway and the third longest in the world however, unlike other fjords which are ice covered, Sognefjord is open and ice free and is the longest of its kind in the world. It is located in Fjordane County in Western Norway and runs for almost 130m miles to the ocean.

A fjord is a long nary inlet with steep cliffs or sides which were created by glacial means. Found in both fresh and saltwater, even the great lakes have a type of fjord called embayments in them as well. Most fjords are located in the middle and high latitudes in regions including Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, BC Canada, Alaska and Washington State.

On its way to the ocean, Sognefjord makes its way through two national parks and is itself, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Unique and beautiful, this region is well worth the visit to nature lovers and presents much more to see and do than just the fjord itself, which should not be missed. The top destinations and areas of interest surrounding Sognefjord today for visitors includes:

The Historic Site of Urnes Stave Church. Dating back to 1130 AD, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the oldest churches in Norway in addition to representing some of the most historically significant sites in the country.

The Nærøyfjord is actually part of the Sognefjord, this branch is considered the most popular for visitors to cruise. Numerous passenger boats and cruises make their way through this wild and stunning fjord.

låm Railway is a train journey which begin s at the mountain station Myrdal and then makes its way down to the Flam station some 2800 feet down, the steepest rail journey anywhere.  Visitors can take the whole journey or stop and enjoy other destinations along the way on walking or biking tours.

Jostedalsbreen National Park is another of the most popular natural features. This national park is covered by the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Famous for its diversity, this is a park worth visiting.

Jotunheimen National Park is known for its glaciers, cold deep lakes and massive mountain peaks. Visitors enjoy the beauty of this region especially in summer.

From history to nature, find and experience destinations like Sognefjord in areas throughout the world. Embrace the uniqueness of the world and enjoy all it has to offer you when you travel.

Island Trader Vacations reviews news, tips and destinations for travel with you. Become more informed and enjoy travel more with reviews to help from Island Trader Vacations reviews.

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